Also: more people need to learn that 3 feet away is not a safe distance to fire a rifle blank at someone’s face.

Oh god I bet it was that FJ person I heard about who apparently did the same crap to a bunch of other people?

Yes! That whole FJ unit was nothing but a group of assholes.  They never took their hits and on the rare occasions they did, they didn’t go back to their trenches and instead “respawned” again 30 seconds later right where they died.  They also were very unprofessional and unsafe as reenactors, shooting in the trenches and being generally very cavalier about gun safety.  I don’t know the exact details, but Marc said that one of them said to him “Your girlfriend…something something” and it was something really nasty about me.

Bad guys all around - both my Soviet unit and the Polish folks we were kampfegrupping with are going to write complaints to the GWA about them and make sure they’re not invited to the event any more.

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